Who We Are

Brought back focuses on antique, vintage, shabbychic and retro furniture skillfully refinished in Mathieu Gast workshops.

A big part of our brand-new and brought back furniture is offered to buy online through Mathieu Gast. We can organize shipments to many parts of the UK.

Like all organizations, Mathieu Gast are brought back stores that are staffed and handled by the males and females living and working within the Betel neighborhood and learning how to live brought back lives devoid of dependency and homelessness.

Much of our furniture concerns us in need of some care and attention. It is adoringly brought back in our workshops where the knowledgeable work is performed by our locals and is supervised by our more knowledgeable carpenters and artisans. The outcome is perfectly crafted furniture, thoroughly brought back and provided a brand-new lease of life.